March 20, 2014

Morning Stills

The bed is a mess.

There are dishes that have yet to be put away.

AAANNDDDD there are dirty dishes from dinner the night before still in the sink.

This? This is real life, folks. In my world at least. These pictures were taken on a Sunday morning, a day when it's perfectly fine (I want to say encouraged) to roll out of bed as you are and Most of my Sundays have been like this actually. Slow to roll. Hair is a mess. Wrinkled tee with my tea. I am perfectly happy about it.

Sunday mornings have got to be the best time of the week. Unconvinced? Not a morning person? At least try it out once! I feel a little essay bubbling up about this topic. Keep an eye out!


  1. This was the "something dirty" you kept advertising about? lol c'mon
    way to get ppl's attention I guess.

    1. I meant it in the most literal sense of the word!

  2. Sundays with messy beds and cat cuddles are the best.

  3. i don't blame you - my entire weekends have been like this lately , and weeknights full of tea and sweets watching movies on the couch. it's really nice. soon, the weather will pull me outside!

  4. I love those lazy Sunday mornings, and yours sounds like it was just fine! Gosh, your cat has stunning eyes, haha. Adorable! :)

  5. I love these kinds of scenes - this is definitely what weekends are for and what makes them so blissful and perfect. You captured this serenity and laziness in such a gorgeous way.

  6. I love your dish drying rack. Where can I get one like that?

  7. Lovely real life images! Sometimes 'messy' is just the beautiful evidence of life :)


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