December 3, 2013

Two for Tuesday

It's been so so very sporadic over here. I've finally moved into my new apartment and things are finally settling down for me. Hopefully that means posts on here will be more regular. I've missed reading my favorite blogs and being inspired by you all!


  1. Lovely to see you posting again, Milynn! :) Congrats with moving into a new apartment! Fresh starts are always good!!

  2. hi you! i haven't been commenting much but i have been keeping up with you! i hope that your move has gone well! we've been spending more time in your neck of the woods since we have a close friend that now lives there instead of clearwater. one of these days (after the crazy holidays maybe?) we'll have to meet up for coffee please! good luck on decorating your new apartment and making it a home. since i have been out of commenting and only posting about once a week lately, i too miss keeping up with all of the inspiring ladies and blogs on my reader. hugs!

  3. Moving is such an adventure, but boy does it get you behind in everything else. Hopefully you're getting settled.


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