December 8, 2014


"You know and I know
without having to say a word.
The things that drive us mad
are the things that can’t be heard."

Hello December! 

I can't believe we have reached the end of 2014. While I am taking longer breaks again between writing, as time to do so has become scarce, I have been reflecting on the experiences I've been through and learned from. I had so much to say and so much to share while emotions were raw and creativity ran rampant. I've broken from whole to dust, phoenixed and then ignited. I am nowhere close to who I was, far from it, but closer now to who I want to be. It seems that the unknown is always a driver for rallying our deepest fears. Yet, the unknown is where thrill-seekers run to, where million-billionaires are made and where we find ourselves and things we were never looking for. 

The unknown is 2015, and we are racing towards it. Come fire, come love. Whatever the case, it's worth embracing.

December 2, 2014

Two for Tuesday

Embark on a path that leads to your personal happiness.

December 1, 2014


The coldness from your shoulder as the sun sets sends me sailing south. I fed the beast that bites and laughs as I bring a meal befitting a king.

The pounding in my heart reverberates against my rib cage, shaking my being, into my core and bones. I could feel the lava erupting over my cheeks as tears well up in the basin of my eyes and I wonder how the ocean beside me could ever match up. I let them sit there, like a puddle in the dirt, because I promised myself I would never drop a tear for you, who thinks me a drop in the ocean.

I stand there at the edge of the earth; a mind clouded with what could be; poisoned by tales you crafted. And you are over there on the other side, higher than the forest trees; rolling around on the earth wrapped in thoughts saturated with the venom of your own lies. Before I could think about taking another step, I am reminded that I could move mountains; all you do is crush them. I could dance among the glances while you hide in the shadows. I could unearth troves of treasures as you bury your angst. I could grow among a forest that burned, it being greener than the envy etched onto your heart.

Suddenly I am soaring freely through the sky as you fall away. As the sun rises, I am no longer wishing, waiting when wants will win.

November 25, 2014

Cafe Du Monde

"You have to get hurricanes, hand grenades and Cafe Du Monde." 

Basic consensus among friends who knew I was going to New Orleans. There was not one part of me that could say no to beignets and coffee. It was always clamoring with people, the lines were outrageous at all hours of the day. I loved it.

November 24, 2014

Mojo Coffee House

Happy Monday. Whenever I travel, I have to stop at a local coffee house. In Nola, I walked down Magazine Street and stopped in Mojo Coffee House. It was everything.