April 16, 2014

Currently Coveting

This sweet short film
This vintage modern home decor shop
This quote to remember
This men's fashion inboard (because dress shoes, tie clips, and bow ties...)
Everything about Kristyn's new minimal jewelry collection.

Instagram image via @laitejewelry

April 15, 2014

Weekend in New York

I can describe my New York trip in one word: Food. Most of my adventures started and ended with food in mind, and I am not complaining! I ventured into the city with sorority sisters, traveled through Brooklyn and Williamsburg. Three days in the city really is just not enough to see everything, but we've travelled enough to the point that our feet were feeling the pain. Wearing proper shoes would've helped too, but that's beside the point. (? :P) 

Quick rundown of places I've stopped:

** There was a lot of dessert that was eaten. I have a sweet tooth. Obviously.

aaaaanndd commencing photo dump...

April 14, 2014

Mixtape: Acoustic Covers

It's no secret that I love acoustic music. I couldn't get through last week without it. I've created a short playlist with an assortment of acoustic covers to share with you for your Monday. I hope it helps ease you into the new work week! 

1. Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker
2. No Diggity - Tyler Ward
3. At Last - Daphne Loves Derby
4. Have I Told You Lately - Olivia Ong
5. Whatever You Like - Anya Marina
6. Can't Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson 
7. Come Home - One Republic
8. Only Girl - Alex Goot

April 9, 2014

From Over the Weekend: New York

I went on a short getaway trip to New York to visit some friends and to step away from ho-hum weekends here at home. I was hoping the weather would have been much warmer than it was (high 30's and 40's) but it was a lovely weekend nevertheless!

**Apparently Saturday was National Pillow Fight Day, so I had the chance to witness a park full of people clubbing each other with fluffy pillows. There's always something interesting to see and do in the City isn't there?

More on New York later!

March 26, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

ahem. can that be a thing? What's up Wednesday? Let's just ramble and get to know each other again.

It's spring!

You guys, that means more sunshine, more flowers and more time to be outdoors! Actually, the weather here has been pretty rainy... I suppose April showers are on the way? So I hope there will be more sunshine. so that there is more time to be outdoors. Which would be very conducive to city exploring especially with so many new stores and restaurants set to open here in St. Petersburg and around the Tampa Bay area. 

My parents are excellent gardeners (see my dad's orchid garden and these blooms). Everything they touch seems to be able to thrive. I, on the other hand, did not inherit such talent. My skills in gardening put me on the other end of the spectrum. 

Confession: I killed my rosemary plant... but I have a replacement! It seems to be holding up this time around. But I digress... I've taken a few orchids home with me to my apartment, those that have bloomed from their garden. It's kind of like babysitting the orchids while they are pretty and returning it back to my parents when the flowers have fallen off. 

Weekends are very precious. As a working woman now, I don't have the luxury of a spring break. Those were the days... 

But! I am so happy to have been able to spend a few hours of last weekend with Kristyn, of Milk and Crown blog and jewelry shop, and Angel, of Studio 404 blog and paper shop, for round two of our mini Sunshine Bloggers meet up at the Oxford Exchange. Such talented ladies... if you haven't checked out their work, definitely do so.

I cannot get enough of the OE. Such a beautiful place, a thoughtfully designed retailer, restaurant, bookstore, coffee and tea shop. I wish I could live there. I mean, what doesn't the place have??

What have you guys been up to? What's up on your Wednesday? Tell me something.