March 10, 2015

Two For Tuesday

I do love these bits and pieces about St. Petersburg.

March 9, 2015

Kurdi's Mediterranean Grill in Tampa

A couple weeks ago I had a delicious time at Kurdi's Mediterranean Grill in Downtown Tampa for NHIE's #EatUp. The restaurant is great addition to the Tampa Bay foodie scene, adding more flavor to the explosion of eateries in the area featuring locally sourced ingredients. 

I got to sample a variety of dishes and everything was simply incredible. From the vibrant colored Fattoush Salad, to the perfectly seasoned Mix Grill Platter, lamb chops and flavor-packed Chicken Shawarma wrap... it was all very coveted and I couldn't get enough. 

Even the drinks were amazing. I had a Lychee Martini... and that just goes down like juice (dangerous!). Their drink menu has many other delicious cocktails and also offers locally brewed beers from Cigar City and Green Bench Brewery. 

It was great to get the chance to meet the chefs and learn more about what goes into the dishes and the inspirations for it. The are so many other items on the menu that I have to try on my future dining visits. 

Check out the little video of the dining experience with other fellow bloggers and foodies:

March 3, 2015

On Your Mind

Close your eyes and let your mind wander freely. Where does it bring you? What memory surfaces or what dream is born? Who do you think about first and why that person over the 7 billion others in the world?

When you’re driving down dark highways, do you think of me? The long stretch of those open roads, do they remind you of our long conversations? With her in the passenger seat and the darkness that backgrounds the shadows of trees, do they mirror the secrets we’ve withheld? Do the headlights of oncoming traffic light your way back to thoughts of me?

When the sun comes up and you open your eyes to her lying beside you. Do you wonder how you could possibly still feel so alone and empty on a bed of bodies? Do your thoughts rise back to me and the warmth of my gold dusted hands along your morning skin? What about the soft glow of our day's first smile? Or do they make you think of the last sunset of our sweet days?

When you sit staring at a blank canvas before painting your thoughts, do you imagine the outlines of my name? When she speaks to you, do you think of the curves of my smile, the shapes of my speech or the taste of my silence? Do you write your words and wonder whether they would reach me? 

I think of you. I think of your humor that lingers at the pit of my stomach like the last fluttering butterfly I couldn’t laugh out. I think of the dizzying daze you leave me in like the spinning blues record on my stand. I think of the doors left shut even as the windows were opened and the wind of our words freely passed.

I think of you. I think of the tender times that tally longer than my breath as I breathe you in. I think of all the steps you’ve taken on your way to Jupiter while I stayed on Earth. I think of the demons you fought to land back on the steps of my stoop.

And then I think of the headlights illuminating the long road stretching home.

February 26, 2015

The Great Escape Room in Tampa

This past Sunday I was locked in a room with 7 other friends and we had an hour to get ourselves out.  We ran around the room, pulled books and knick knacks off the shelves and pulled out our hair trying to figure a way out. This is not a plot for a scary movie, it was the Great Escape Room

So really I had the pleasure of joining my friends Never Have I Ever Tampa and company to experience the Great Escape Room in Tampa before it officially opens in a couple weeks. The premise of the game is: you are locked in a room for 60 minutes and Sherlock Holmes tells you that you have to work with your team to find clues hidden throughout the room and solve 4 puzzles to find your way out. It's part scavenger hunt and puzzle solving.

My team and I made it out just under 49 minutes. It's definitely a unique experience that I can't wait to bring my friends to! I actually wish I could just watch them all scurry around the room trying to figure it out. Since I already know where all the clues are and how to solve the puzzles, I'm sure watching them would be just as fun. I can't tell you how much fun it was trying to find all of the clues...  not to mention what a great feeling it was to solve the puzzles. They were a bit tricky! I am a nerd for these things. But everyone was so nice, the entire room cheered when each puzzle was solved. We even heard the other room cheering too. So much positivity, I love it.

There are are four other locations in Orlando, Miami, Michigan and DC. And now it's coming to Downtown Tampa! I can imagine how much fun it would be for birthday parties and team building!

If you're ever in the Tampa area and have an hour to spare, definitely check out the Great Escape Room and see if you can escape within the hour.

February 25, 2015

The Analog Clock

Eleven twenty.

It’s been 11:20 for weeks now. Months maybe. Neither of us wanted to take the time to fix the damn thing. Day in and day out we would look at that clock and clearly we see that it’s stuck. No more ticking. No movement whatsoever. Still, it reads 11:20 while time presses on anyway. There are other options out there to satisfy our need to know, so we walk away as we pull out our phones. How trivial it is to stop your day just to make it work. 

“I’d better change the battery. Tomorrow. Maybe she’ll do it first.” He thinks. 

“It won't work if no one tries to fix it. I’m not going to be the one to do it. I’ve done it plenty of times.” I think. Decisively.

Still, he walks right past it every day leaving me to sit and stare hoping that it’ll change. That it’ll start ticking again, like my heart beat. That the battery would be new, like a fresh breath into my lungs. That there would be movement, like the blood through my veins. That it’ll be unstuck, like my lips against your skin.

And every time we see that clock, we revisit the same question:

Will it finally work this time?